The Messenger

If you have ever seen a remarkable bird–so remarkable that it practically paralyzed you with fascination–then you will relate to this new essay from the journal Under the Sun. In “The Messenger” I am thinking out loud about the wonder of birds, about God, about aging, about the continued desire for transcendence. Here’s the link:

2 thoughts on “The Messenger

  1. Nothing but love for you, Tim!

    Thank you for being my Angel sent to guide me through a turbulent time. You most certainly did not have to accept that challenge. Rebuilding a broken boy suffering from the death of his grandfather. A boy whose world was collapsing around him at every turn. Being told by his grade school teachers, “You’ll never amount to nothin'”. Without Tim stepping into my life, I never would have achieved the successes later on. Like being a part of five state championship teams in high school, or being part of a group currently doing some amazing things and beginning some even more amazing collaborations. I am no longer anonymous. The boy Tim saved is now being seen for his mind. My people all over the planet.

    I do not possess the words to express my gratitude.

    Anthony Warren Greb


    1. Tony,

      It’s so kind of you to write this note. I have many fond memories from those years. I still need to get down to Pittsburg area for a visit. Feel free to be in touch if you are coming toward Topeka sometime too!



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