The Messenger

If you have ever seen a remarkable bird–so remarkable that it practically paralyzed you with fascination–then you will relate to this new essay from the journal Under the Sun. In “The Messenger” I am thinking out loud about the wonder of birds, about God, about aging, about the continued desire for transcendence. Here’s the link:Continue reading “The Messenger”

Tunnel of Love

Certain pieces of art stay with you forever, like the hum of a tuning fork.   Typically, such pieces are the invention of a solo genius like Rembrandt or Picasso.   We associate them with contemplative solitude and silence.  However, one art piece which had a profound impact on me was made by a whole cooperative.  AContinue reading “Tunnel of Love”

A Fun List of My Favorites

I’m enthused that my first memoir–Chameleon Days–has been included on the growing website, which brings together lists of related books. If you have any interest in first-person accounts of expatriate life in Africa, here are a few of my favorites, now featured on their website. Simply click here:

Of Cowboys, Doctors, Tradition, and the Individual Talent

We had walked to the other side of the rodeo, across from the grandstand, so that we could get a closer look at the calves dashing out of the chute and the cowboys galloping after them.  This was where families of the performers hung out, and suddenly my eye was taken by a child beingContinue reading “Of Cowboys, Doctors, Tradition, and the Individual Talent”

In the Mind’s Eye

Imagination.  The ability to picture what is not there.  An alternative reality.  A scenario that blossoms out of the brain, often eclipsing the reality all around.  Just like Ron and Hermione and Harry have eclipsed the school-yard acquaintances of so many children.  Or just like their school, Hogwarts, keeps eclipsing ordinary, “real” schools.  And whatContinue reading “In the Mind’s Eye”

In Praise of Wildflowers

Not tame, they grow out of bounds—outside the rules that humans would put on them.  Beautiful but hardy, they are found in the most unexpected places.  Suddenly blooming on the sandy hardpan of a desert floor, surrounded by thorns.  Dotting the dusty tallgrass prairie.  Or scrabbling along a rocky scree above timberline, where the snowContinue reading “In Praise of Wildflowers”