Falconry Made Fascinating: Mcdonald’s memoir H is for Hawk

For anyone who has felt an affinity with animals, particularly birds, this memoir—H is for Hawk—is not to be missed.  What a remarkable evocation of animal life and of the animal dimension of our human existence.  The author, Helen Macdonald, seems to have lived so closely with her trained goshawk, Mabel, that she has inhabitedContinue reading “Falconry Made Fascinating: Mcdonald’s memoir H is for Hawk”

An Essay Collection that Will Wake You Up Emotionally

BE WITH ME ALWAYS is a rich read, full of relational insight. The essays have a risky “out there” feel because the author, Randon Billings Noble, is not afraid to explore her own raw emotions. I relate to her inclination to go back in time, exploring the relationships that haunt her the most. Like her,Continue reading “An Essay Collection that Will Wake You Up Emotionally”

Funny, Disturbing, but Worth Reading

Patricia Lockwood, knock on wood, is one of the funniest memoir writers I have encountered, and that’s coming from a veteran reader with shelves of dog-eared memoirs.  In essence, Priestdaddy is her irreverent send-up of life in the care of a bombastic Catholic priest, who, because of a special exemption for already-wedded converts, is allowedContinue reading “Funny, Disturbing, but Worth Reading”

Want a new perspective on fatherhood?

Exploded View: Essays on Fatherhood, with Diagrams  by Dustin Parsons (Goodreads Author) Tim Bascom‘s review  Using diagrams and short, lyric essays, Dustin Parsons offers the reader a fascinating look inside the head of a young father, with all the attendant shadows of his own childhood present as he moves into marriage and parenting. This is not aContinue reading “Want a new perspective on fatherhood?”